Precision Machining

Our workshop comes equipped with numerical control machines to perform all kinds of precision mechanical machining.

Precision Machining for the Aerospace Industry  

When it comes to the design and manufacture of precision mechanical components for the aerospace industry, our operations transcend international borders.

Surface Treatment for Metals and Metal Alloys  

We have a surface treatment plant for metals and metal alloys, with 37 tanks and one room for corrosion tests.


At the center of our mechanical workshop lies a large metrological room, equipped with multiple measurement instruments. These, along with the 5 coordinate machines for dimensional control help us conduct our own in-house testing.

Non Destructive Controls

We perform non-destructive controls using a magnetoscope and fluorescent penetrating fluids. For this, we have:

• Fluorescence penetrating fluid control system (ASTM E1417 standard)

• Magnetic particle control plant (ASTM E1444 standard)

• Magnetic particle control plant (ASTM E1444 standard)

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