Surface Treatment for Metals and Metal Alloys  

Today, it is possible to modify the mechanical, chemical and physical properties of metallic surfaces with surface treatments which make them suitable for the most diverse uses. Our mechanical workshop specializes in the supply of these services to various industries. 

We are equipped to treat surfaces of any shape and size owing to the three treatment lines, 37 tanks and thickness gauge in our plant. Here are some of the treatments we perform:

• Anodic oxidative oxidation and hard oxidation treatments

• Chromating, black oxidation, manganese phosphatization

• Passivation and pickling at nital

• Accelerated corrosion tests in salt mist

• Chemical and physical tests in the laboratory

The surface treatments and finishes to which the metals are subjected guarantee a higher level of protection. Some of these processes, such as anodic sulfur oxidation, passivation of stainless steel and wet sandblasting, have been qualified and certified by companies such as Avio Spa, one of the world's most important aerospace companies. 

You may request more information by contacting our technical staff or calling our sales offices for an obligation-free quote!

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