Precision Machining

Companies from a host of industrial sectors choose to commission precision mechanical details to a third party specializing in machining. That is where companies like Data F step in. 

Due to our high level of specialization and our large fleet of machines, including 35 work centers and 23 numerically controlled tower systems, we are able to guarantee conformity of products as per contractual requirements.

Milling, turning, grinding and electro-erosion

At our headquarters in Pinasca, we have two specialized milling units for machining materials with any kind of geometry. We can perform high precision turning, while maintaining consistency throughout production. We also have a department dedicated to rectification and EDM, which allows us to achieve results with minimum roughness. All fittings, including deburring, part repairs and hydraulic calibration, are carried out with hydraulic presses and hot-dip kilns.


We deliver precise details, which are of very high importance in the aerospace industry, to our customers. We carry out surface treatments as well as special control and testing processes within dedicated units. We also perform non-destructive testing using penetrating liquids and a magnetoscope. Our plants are qualified by Avio Spa and by Agusta Westland Spa, leaders in magnetic particle control.

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