Mechanical Workshop
Data F has over fifty years of experience in manufacturing precision mechanical parts and assemblies. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment enable us to perform any kind of third-party processing.
We are headquartered in Pinasca, near Turin, but our high degree of specialization has enabled us to operate internationally. 


Our design department is staffed with a team of highly specialized members who are constantly updated with the latest techniques in the field. They are trained in the creation of customized parts and components and can find the best design solutions for you. Superior customer service is our end goal.


At Data F, we carry out milling, welding, precision mechanical constructions, turning and grinding, as well as surface treatment of metals. We also have our own internal department for testing of products.
Mechanical Components  

We design and build mechanical components for various industrial sectors, including aerospace.


The first coloured metal ball!!


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Boulenciel is the brand of the first colored metal ball designed and manufactured by DATA F.
Founded in 1952 in Pinasca, at the foot of the Turin Alps, we started with handicraft production. We were initially engaged in the construction of mechanical equipment. We also made the first bronze balls in Italy, sold under the brand "La Continental".
As we grew, we developed our own state-of-the-art technology park with computerized numerical control, becoming specialists in mechanical machining for the aeronautical and mechanical industry.

Boulenciel's balls are the result of years of research and development. The idea was to create a high-level coloured ball designed to revive the image of balls for sport.
Our balls are a synthesis of the best elements offered by technology, given the type and quality of materials we use and the manufacturing accuracy available.

Stainless steel is synonymous with high-impact material, resistant to shock and atmospheric agents. We use numerically controlled machines and internal machined surface for an unprecedented balance and accuracy in the balls. 
Filled with springs and steel spheres, the balls are guaranteed to have very limited rebound and to maintain balance over time. The colored holes with plastic material give the holder a particularly tight and secure grip on the ball.

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